About Us

Australian Art Auction Records is a service that publishes art auction results (the secondary art market) for sales in Australia and New Zealand, and some foreign sales.

We do not publish any results for sales by commercial galleries (the primary art market).

Our database includes sale results for Australian and New Zealand artists, and artists who have painted in either country during their careers.

As such not every Australian and New Zealand artist is listed in our database - only those who have sold work through the secondary market.

Thus emerging artists, who have not yet had any works entered into an auction are not included.

Our service covers all specialised art auction sales, and some mixed lot sales in Australia and New Zealand, and sales in London and Paris that include works by Australian and New Zealand artists.

Sales results are available for most sales from 1969 onwards.

The sale prices for each auction are the prices realised for the relevant auction, as published, and not independently verified.

Two sale price are shown, the hammer price and the price plus buyers premium, often shown as the sale price, "IBP".(including buyers premium).

Hammer price is the actual price at which the work is declared sold by the auctioneer.

The price including buyers premium is the amount the purchaser of the work actually pays the auctioneers. It includes an additional charge levied by the auction house. The amount of the buyers premium charged by each auction house varies between auction houses, but is usually between 12.5% to 22%.

As well, for all sales GST (or its foreign equivalent) is charged on the buyers premium. Taxes such as GST are not included in our published prices.

Foreign sale prices (New Zealand, France and British) are converted to Australian dollars based on the exchange rate on the sale day.

Highest price for each artist is based on Australian dollar sales prices.


Australian Art Auction Records was founded in the early 1970's by Ted Craig. Born in Toowoomba, Queensland in 1946, Ted Grew up in the Warwick and Toowoomba areas. He first became involved in auctioneering industry in 1968.

After several years in Asia, Europe and Africa, he returned to Sydney to join one of the larger auctioneering companies as an auctioneer and valuer. After some years as manager of its arts department, he resigned to found Australian Art Auctions, a company specialising in the valuation and sale by auction of works of art. Ted conducted regular art auctions in Sydney until 2004.

Until 2004 the art auction results were available by hardcopy publication and CD. From the first edition in 1975, the book was published every third year and, since volume 6 (1987) every second year until 2007. The CD was published each year since 1997 until 2007. Australian Art Auction Records are now available exclusively on-line.

The move to transfer the records online, and was initiated by Jarrod McGrath a computer professional who works with large corporate companies; initially as a programmer and over more recent times as a Workforce Management specialist.

In 2011 Australian Art Auction Records was purchased by John Furphy Pty. Ltd. a company specialising in hardcopy and online publishing in the antiques, art and collectables fields.


We trust you find this service easy to use, convenient and beneficial in valuing your works of art.