Richard Siemens (1953-.) Australia

Biographical Information

Richard Siemens was born in Sydney in 1953, and moved to Melbourne with his family, aged 3.

He obtained a Diploma of Art and Design in 1974 from the Prahran College of Advanced Education in Melbourne and then taught art for ten years at St. John's College in Braybrook, Melbourne.

He resigned as the Head of the Creative Arts Department in 1985 established the Mt. Aitken Art Gallery in Gisborne South, Victoria, in 1985.

Richard Siemens is a self-taught painter in the super-realist style.

In 2000 he moved to the south coast of New South Wales. Edit or add to this biography

Market Information

Down the Drain
Highest Price:
Down the Drain
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 49 x 75 cm
Quarterly Fine Art Auction, Lawson~Menzies (now trading as Menzies), Sydney.
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Other works sold by this artist

Oil on acrylic on board, 45 x 66 cm
Collectable Fine Art; Australian & European Painti, Elder Fine Art, Adelaide.
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