Stanley Palmer (1936-.) New Zealand

Biographical Information

Born in New Zealand in 1936, Stanley Palmer studied at Dunedin Technical College. A painter and printmaker his work is widely represented in NZ public collections. Edit or add to this biography

Market Information

Memories of Matauri
Highest Price:
Memories of Matauri
Oil on linen, 80 x 185 cm
The Collection of Anne Coney, Art+Object, Auckland.
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 Total number soldNumber with imagesHighest priceRecent average price*
Paintings6254A$24,754 A$11,207
Works on Paper3016A$2,109 N/A
Prints & Graphics618367A$5,379 A$704
Objects42A$819 N/A

* Calculated on sales over the last three years, where there are a sufficient number of sales over that period.

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