Bill Meyer (1942-.) Australia

Biographical Information

Born 10th December 1942 in Australia, he graduated from Melbourne University in art history and languages and then from the National Gallery Art School, (later Victorian College of the Arts), completing his formal art training at the Royal College of Art in London, England (1972). Research at the Yidisher Visnshaftlekher Institut (YIVO) New York, as well as Yeshiva and Kollel learning, has provided much of the conceptual underpinning of Meyer’s artwork.


Meyer established a fine art editioning studio in London during the 1970s at 10 Martello Street, Hackney, and printed and designed many of the posters for Genesis P. Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti for their infamous Prostitution show at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in 1976. He has worked with major Australian artists at Port Jackson Press publishing in Melbourne. During the eighties, while he was a committee member, and later when he was president of the Print Council of Australia, Meyer curated travelling exhibitions including the controversial Print as Object. He also created Gapscape, an exhibition of his prints and drawings which toured regional Australian galleries. In 1995 he participated in The Wandering Jew. Myth and Metaphor, curated and toured for the Jewish Museum of Australia.

Exhibitions and Publications

1962; Bill Meyer, New East-side Gallery, Melbourne 1969; Matzoh Stomp, Gallery Lanae, Melbourne and Balwyn Cinema International 1972; Cancellations, Screen Prints Photographs & Xeroxes by Bill Meyer, Institute of Contemporary Art, and London 1973; Eating Mussels in the Bath, Paper Point Gallery (Wiggins Teape), London, & Bonython Galleries Sydney 1974; Mezzanine Xpos, Galerij Romi Goldmuntz Centrum, Antwerp 1975; New York Subway Graffiti & the American Landscape, Painting Box Press, Zurich 1976; Underwater/Underground, Bill Meyer and Mati Grunberg, Institute of Contemporary Art, Bulletin 1977; Sinai Paintings and Drawings, Galerij Luka te Boechout. 1982; Geelong Survey Exhibition, 4, Pam Ashcroft, Noel Essex, Bill Meyer, Brian Poynton, Geelong Art Gallery, 1982 1982; Seven artists : Jonas Balsaitis, Charles Green, Paul Laspagis, Joseph McDermott-Mallin, Bill Meyer, Andrew Reeve, David Ryan, Victorian College of the Arts Gallery, Melbourne, 1982 1982; GAPSCAPE, introduction by Doug Hall and David Rankin, ISBN 095931380X 1984; Inside the Gap, Installations lectures, and workshops, Wagga City Art Gallery 1985; Print as Object, Print Council of Australia, ISBN 090922708X 1989; New Paintings - A Reason for Being, Gretz Gallery, Melbourne 1999; Chaim (Bill) Meyer, The Jerusalem Drawings 1999; Eva Eden, 'Bill Meyer, Survey Exhibitions'. Imprint: The Print Council of Australia Journal, vol 1 1999; Untitled Booth and Survey, Convent Gallery, Daylesford. 2006; Chaim (Bill) Meyer, A project of Kollel Beis Ha Talmud-Yehuda. A Special Place - HAMAKOM. (Jewish Art and Symbolism, a decade of Meyer’s Drawings & installations), edited by Yisroel Greenwald, Fishman Institute, Melbourne, ISBN 1875670386.

Collections with examples of Bill Meyer’s work

Tate Modern Collection

Deakin University Art Collection

British Council Collection

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Pillars and Roses
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Pillars and Roses
Screenprint 30/40, 60 x 91 cm
The Australian Art Investment Trust Auction, Leonard Joel, Melbourne.
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