Enid MacKellar (1896-) Australia

Biographical Information

Enid MacKellar was a prominant artist in the 1950 and 1960’s discovering her artistic abilty in the early 50’s and within a short period had exhibitions in London and Sydney.;Enid entered both the Wynne and Archibald Prizes on several occasions and was a finalist in several years of competition. Her painting of Macleay St Elizabeth Bay was a in the 1957 Wynne prize and she was a finalist with this painting in 1957. Enid was the sister in law to the famous Dorethea MacKellar and was married to the younger brother of Dorethea. Her rich family history includes the fact that she was the aunt to the former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. Edit or add to this biography

Market Information

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St. Jean from Madonna Noir
Oil on canvas, 32 x 45 cm
Australian, New Zealand, British and European Historical & Contemporary Paintings etc., Leonard Joel, Melbourne.
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