Hinehauone Coralie Cook (1904-93) New Zealand

Biographical Information

Hinehauone Coralie Cook (nee Cameron) was born at Te Ore Ore near Masterton, New Zealand.

In 1925 she began her art training in Wellington. Her teachers were Elizabeth Mary Tripe (oil painting and portraits), Dorothy K Richmond (watercolours), and Harry Linley Richardson at the Wellington Technical College (drawing).

In 1928 she went to France and England with fellow student Nell (Helen) Blair.

They spent six months in Paris at the studio of M Renaud with figure drawing at La Grand Chaumiere and Academie Calorossi. Neither Coralie or Nell knew anything of the modern art flourishing in Paris at the time.

From Paris they moved to London attending Heatherlies School of art, and Coralie took private lessons in portrait painting from Frederick Whiting. Finally they moved to the London Central School of Design where they began to come into contact with some of the more modern forms of art, and it was here that Coralie began to learn print making.

Coralie returned to New Zealand at the end of 1930 and began to develop her print making. Though she had spent most of her art student years learning to paint, very few of her paintings from the 1930s survive. Most of her efforts went towards print making. As well as the grounding in print making recieved from the Central School, she brought back to New Zealand two publications which she had by her side for the rest of her life. They were The Modern Woodcut (Herbert Furst) 1924, and The New Woodcut (Malcolm Salaman)1930.

From 1932 to 1937 Coralie exhibited with the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, the Auckland Society of Arts, and Otago Art Society. She also exhibited at Kircaldie and Stains Wellington in 1936, with Nell and John Hutton.

Coralie married in 1940 and aquired six step children and subsequently had three of her own. as a result this was the end of her art for the next 25 years.

When she returned to art in the mid 1960s it was more as a pastime than an attempt to revive her ambitions as a proffessional artist. An account of her student experience in Paris was published by Harry Tombs in Art New Zealand, vol 1, No 4, June 1929. Edit or add to this biography

Market Information

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Highest Price:
Maori Woman Outside Rural House; Drenching the Lambs; Sorting Sheep in The Yards
Three woodblock prints, Each 30 x 20 cm
Art Auction, Dunbar Sloane, Wellington.
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Maori Woman Outside Rural House; Sorting Sheep in the Yards; Drenching Sheep
Three linocut prints, 30 x 20 cm each
Affordable Art Auction, Dunbar Sloane, Wellington.
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