Oswald Brett (1921-.) Australia

Biographical Information

Oswald Longfield Brett was born in Cheltenham, NSW in 1921.

At 14 he tried to join Alan Villiers on the Joseph Conrad, but his parents stopped him and he entered the East Sydney Technical College, studying art, instead He was so entranced with the work of noted marine artist, John Allcot, he eventually sought him out and spent all his spare time with him, watching him paint and accompanying him onboard ships.

He joined the Cunard Line in World War II and was involved with both the Queen Elizabeth and the Aquitania in their trooping runs from New York to Great Britain.

He settled in Levittown, NY and after five years employed as an artist in a Madison Avenue publishing house, decided to freelance.

His work as a painter has been influenced and assisted by the American illustrator and marine. painter, Anton Otto Fischer.

One of his most notable commissions was a painting of the barque Kaiulani, which was presented to President Lyndon Johnson by the President of the Philippines. In 1971 he was commissioned by Douglas

Fonda to paint thirty paintings of the Nantucket whaling industry. To celebrate the bicentenary of the independence of the USA, he held an exhibition of his work in Sydney.

He frequently visits his homeland, painting and sketching the harbour foreshores. His work is highly regarded both here and in the USA.

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SS Kintore
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SS Kintore
Gouache, 19 x 25 cm
Major Maritime Auction, Mason Gray, Sydney.
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