Request an online valuation report – details of the work to be assessed

You are requesting an online valuation report for a work by Mary Amelia Will Slade.

Enter as much information as possible about the work for which you require a valuation report. Our art experts also require a clear digital image of the work. Use your camera to photograph the work and store a copy of the image on your computer.

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*work only, not including frame
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Include additional details such as location of signature, any other notations on the back or front of the work. Also include the history of the work as you know it.
*Using Windows Explorer locate the image on your computer, click the image name and then click the 'Open' button.

The valuation report will include an estimate of the current market value of the artwork, but is not an insurance valuation.

Is your painting likely to be valued at more than $5,000.00?

If so, we'd suggest you select the option of having a premium online art valuation report.

The premium service includes a thorough assessment of your artwork with extra in-depth analysis and comparisons, plus the option of a follow-up phone consultation with our valuer.

 You will be able to review and confirm details before payment.