Jill Carter-Hansen (1941-.) New Zealand

Biographical Information

Jill Carter-Hansen, also known as Jill Stewart and Jill Carter was brought up in the Waikato in a New Zealand rural community - animals were her first prime subject matter for drawing and photography. As a child she also had musical tuition . She completed a diploma course in Graphic Design after secondary School.

She lived in the UK 1961-64.

After returning to New Zealand she completed a BFA, (photography & drawing) exhibiting her 2D works and tutoring part-time in drawing and becoming involved in photo -journalism.

She arrived in Australia from NZ in 1987. First of several children's books, published (Hodder & Stoughton Random House).She exhibited in group and solo shows -also tutoring in Fine Arts and Graphic Design part-time. She completed her MA hons. in 1998.

She worked in illustration for several Australian publishing houses, also freelancing in writing and photography( photojournalism) in Sydney and New Zealand. Her work has been included in numerous curated group shows. One of her 24 solo shows: Sites of Warning, Sites of Mourning – being exhibited in both Melbourne and Auckland.

In the1990’s, combining numerous mediums and techniques, she made her first experimental animated film –The Messenger. The Australian Federal Government and Canon Australia financially supported herfollowing 2 short films - Songs of the Immigrant Bride and Eclipse - both including her voice chants. These films were awarded Internationally.

Her experimental practices continued, including the making of Artist's Books (Te Papa Art Museum, Sir George Grey Rare Books Collection (New Zealand) and The Rare Books Collection. NSW State Library)

Her photographic collection of New Zealanders working in the Arts in Sydney from the’80’s, was acquired by The Turnbull Library, Wellington New Zealand in 2016. Her experimental photographic poster: Peace is in Your Hand and other works are held in a number of public and private collections.

She lives and works in the inner west of Sydney, NSW.2017.

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The Immigrant Bride
Acrylic on paper, 76 x 100 cm
Traditional & Contemporary Art, International Art Centre, Auckland.
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